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Follow our proven roadmap to make your dream business a reality and create the financial freedom you deserve. Guaranteed.

🌈 Freedom

Live where you want, take on clients you want, charge what you want, go where you want.

💸 Prosperity

A dream business can set you up for a life of financial freedom, in any economy.

🤸 Happiness

No more dreading work or living for the weekend. Love what you do, every day.

What's Inside

You’ll unlock B-School training videos, resources, and Fun Sheets in your private online Member Area.

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    I retake B-School every time it’s offered. I’ve transformed my little home-based business from a struggling flower farm into a globally recognized brand. My business generated over 4 million this past year.”

    — ERIN B.
    Owner of Floret Flower Farm

    Learn From The Best

    B-School is led by Marie Forleo, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Everything is Figureoutable and creator of the award-winning show MarieTV. Named by Oprah as a thought leader for the next generation and owner of one of Inc.’s 500 fastest growing companies, Marie's mission is to help you realize your greatest potential and use your gifts to change the world. 

    What you’ll learn in B-School is based on over 20 years of experience, not theory. Train with the industry leader who’s built a global empire and will personally guide you to success using her exact playbook.

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    B-School Works. Here's Proof.

    14 years, nearly 80,000 students from 650+ industries worldwide. There’s a reason we’re the gold standard in this industry. Our strategies work across an enormous range of businesses and with entrepreneurs at virtually every stage of their journey.

    Jacqui You

    Accountant & Online Cashbook

    ‟In 2017 I had my first £100K week and have since had a couple of £100K days. Incredible opportunities keep presenting themselves.”

    Jackie Banas

    KOA Campground Co-Owner

    ‟We created a $102,000 increase in our revenue compared to last year and we’re only open 6 months a year.”

    Isabella Duvall

    Founder, Better Shea Butter & Skin Foods

    ‟We now move about 12,000 units every month and customers RAVE about our products.”

    Jen Storer

    Author & Book Coach

    ‟I've doubled my income in two years. At 57 I feel in control of my life, my finances and my future.”

    Janice Windt

    Time Management Coach For Working Moms

    ‟Before B-School I was trapped in a corporate job that was causing my family to fall apart. Now, I get to tailor my work and business around my family.”

    Jana Roemer

    Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra & Astrology

    ‟My last three events — two retreats and a yoga teacher training — ALL SOLD OUT!! I went from $0 to making an additional $1,000 a month. I’ve had such tremendous growth that I’ve actually had to hit pause on my offerings to regroup.”

    Janina Klimas

    Language Teacher

    ‟I found you and signed up for B-school. Now, I have a big 5 publisher meeting about my book on the 17th. I’m talking to 2 national TV shows & have landed lots of guest posts and podcasts!”

    Jadah Sellner

    Simple Green Smoothies

    ‟We went from a $5 ebook to generating six figures in sales. The day we launched I was in Cabo on the beach. We did $24,000 in sales that day.”

    Jen Wittman

    Business & Financial Strategist

    ‟I created a practice that earns six figures a year via one emailed newsletter a week.”

    Jessica Laine Johnson

    Architecture & Design

    ‟Within 18 months of B-School, I tripled my income — all while working a flexible 20-hour work week. I’m now looking at doubling (or tripling!) my income again this coming year.”

    Jessica Pantermuehl

    Nutritional Therapy Practitioner & Founder of The Holistic Entrepreneur Association

    ‟My income has increased to 300% of what it was prior to starting B-School.”

    Jennifer Mazer

    Queen of Manifestation

    ‟I now make over $30,000 a month after previously living off my savings. I’m able to travel the world, make my own schedule, and pay for amazing experiences for my daughter. She’s only five and she’s already been to Africa twice, Spain, London, Italy, Dubai, China, and Bali.”

    Jessyca Heinen-Collesei

    The Shakti Yoga Wheel®

    ‟Our sales have grown more than 150%, and we are selling worldwide.”

    Jenn Scalia

    Business Coach

    ‟In 2015, I increased my sales by 1400% and made over $500,000.”

    Jill Volat

    Founder of The Edible Apartment

    ‟In 6 months I founded a non-profit and am killing it!”

    Jeannine Chanin Penn

    Creative Direction, Visual Design & Marketing

    ‟Since B-School I’ve become more established, and yet I can still pick my son up from school, take him to football and put him to bed.”

    Jolene Smith

    Executive Development & Philanthropy Advisor / Founder of Freedom Ambassadors

    ‟Thanks to the higher-than-average income I've generated, I'm able to donate enough to cover all the costs of helping Indian villagers free themselves.”

    Jonathan Milligan

    Professional Coach

    ‟I have a full-time coaching business and landed a book deal for a book I published called, Your Message Matters!"

    Judge Victoria Pratt

    Professor at Rutgers Law School, Former Chief Judge Newark Municipal Court & U.S. Supreme Court Member

    ‟B-School gave me one of the greatest ‘a-ha’ moments by getting me to focus on critical aspects of my business as a social entrepreneur.”

    Joanne Poon

    Graphic Designer

    ‟In one year, I have created approximately 200 design pieces for my clients and have been continuously booked out three months in advance.”

    Karen Rudkin-Moody

    Ryan Moody Fishing & Barra Basics

    ‟Our first launch generated $70,000 in sales. Now over 240 people have done our fishing course equating to $265,000 in revenue in our first year. WOW!”

    Joana Galvo

    Founder, GiF Design Studios

    ‟In five years we generated over $1.2 million. I now have a team of 10. Our work has been featured in books and I've spoken in front of 3,000 people. I’ve had so many pinch-me moments since joining B-School.”

    Katy Chen Mazzara

    Financial Coach

    ‟Before B-School, I didn’t even know what kind of business I wanted. In the six months since, I launched my website and signed my 32nd client!”

    Katie Den Ouden

    Women's Freedom Coach & Business Strategist

    ‟I've tripled my list, brought in over $55,000 in revenue ($40K+ from 1 launch alone) and feel like I'm honing my niche, my genius and my gift to the world. I anticipate a $200K launch this fall and I'm ecstatic!”

    Kate Greunke

    Marketing Specialist for Interior Designers & Home Stagers

    ‟My business doubled after B-School, then tripled! I never thought this would be my life.”

    Kate Northrup

    Bestselling Author & Founder of The Origin Company

    ‟I signed up for B-School and I learned all of these skills and strategies. Within a year, I was able to be full-time in my own business with multiple revenue streams. Now, that same business is seven figures!”

    Katrina Padron

    CEO, Padron Marketing

    ‟From $0 to a half a million! I started the business as a way to spend more time with my children and also increase my income.”

    Kari Samuels

    Intuitive Counselor & Happiness Coach

    ‟My life is almost unrecognizable. I have fun every day - I get to work on dream projects that fill my heart.”

    Kate Crocco

    Confidence & Mindset Coach

    ‟I went from working 80 hour weeks to working 20 hours per week, serving more women, and making an even BIGGER impact. All while being an example for my beautiful baby girl.”

    Kelly Phillips

    Boost Interactive Media

    ‟Becoming an entrepreneur literally saved my life. Now that I own my own business, I have several months cushion in the bank.”

    Karen Taylor

    Founder of The Breakfast Cure

    ‟I went from feeling like, “Perhaps it's time to retire” to actually feeling excited about turning 50 this year surrounded by people making beautiful change in our world.”

    Julie Jarvis

    Real Things, Meditation Cushions

    ‟B-School changed my life. In our first quarter, sales quadrupled and forced us to scale up. I finally have my passion back.”

    Kimberly Patino

    Photographer & Visual Artist

    ‟Now I see myself not only as an artist, I see myself as an entrepreneur and a business person.”

    Kori Jock

    CEO, La Vie en Orange

    ‟Shortly after B-School, I recouped my investment. I was amazed by how quickly it all happened.”

    Krista Spence

    Executive Coach

    ‟B-School is a game changer for a new biz owner! I know exactly what to do to move my business forward and how to spend my time."

    Kongit Farrell

    Creator and Host of the Stay Inspired Podcast

    ‟Right after B-School — and I mean right after (I think it was a week or two?) — I won a $45,000 contract. I attribute the win to my communication transformation.”

    Kim Russ

    Founder & Designer of SHÁE Bags

    "In the first 7 weeks I've generated almost $8K in revenue, and the feedback has been amazing!"

    Lacy Boggs

    Ghost Blogger

    ‟I'm on track to double my income AGAIN, earning double my full-time salary I left behind — and still only working about 20 hours a week. I'm living the dream.”

    Leonie Gabriella

    Personal Empowerment Coach for Women

    ‟I'm earning more money in a month than I used to in a year. I went from €10K per year to €20K+ MONTHS.”

    Lindsay Marino

    Psychic Medium & Teacher

    ‟I was able to make my yearly teaching salary in a month through my online programs and services but, most importantly, I'm able to serve more people.”

    Krystal Wascher

    Audiobook Narrator, Producer & Teacher

    ‟B-School was exactly what I needed. The lessons helped me to get rid of the "shaky, unsure" feeling that I might not be doing the right things to grow my business. It literally helped me to put all of the pieces together in the right order, so to speak.”

    Lisa Fraley

    Legal Coach & Attorney for Entrepreneurs

    ‟My first legal course had a 6-figure launch. I couldn’t believe it. $100,000 for my first launch ever!”

    Lindsay Roselle

    Growth + Scale Coaching

    ‟I have an MBA and a decade of corporate experience and this program still taught me something new in every module.”

    Laura Houssain

    Food & Body Coach

    ‟It's the most amazing transformational experience.”

    Kristin Lajeunesse

    Creative Marketing Strategist

    ‟My days are flexible. Sometimes I take whole days off in the middle of the week to go snorkeling or lava tube hiking. This life is made possible by all you do, Marie.”

    Kristen Burkhardt-Hanson


    ‟I’ve made more money in the past 6 weeks than I have in the past 2 years. For the first time in my life I feel like I have an actual business! Without having B-School, my business would be closed right now.”

    Lindsey Witmer Collins

    Founder and CEO, WLCM App Studio

    ‟In less than two years, my app studio grew from just two of us to now NINE. We’ve up-leveled in huge ways, including a handful of iTunes #1’s!”

    Lucas Kempen

    Mobile Pet Grooming

    ‟Since B-School in 2020 I started a mobile grooming company that's up to 7 employees with excellent employee benefits, retention, job satisfaction, and our customers love us!"

    Lori Mercer

    Founder of FirefighterWife & 24-7 Commitment

    ‟I left the corporate world, received non-profit status and speak at nearly every major fire conference. Every single day someone tells me I saved their marriage.”

    Margaret Floyd

    Functional Nutritionist

    ‟I went from having a mailing list of about 1,000 to a very high quality, engaged 14,000. I also went from grossing $20k/year to over $150k, and I’m still only working part time, with much of my time still spent with my kids.”

    Lou Niestadt

    Artist & Mother

    "The response has been amazing. There are people out there now waiting for me to share my work!”

    Mary Torres

    Microblading Eyebrow Artist

    ‟I have clients every week and my business is just starting. I am now making 400% more money (consistently!) than I was when I first started B-School.”

    Marina Bosetti

    Ceramic Artist

    ‟My website is finally working for me! Calls are coming in and my shop is now the most popular page on my website.”

    Melissa Cassera

    Screenwriter & Publicity Strategist

    ‟I've completely revamped my entire business into a sleek, profitable empire that doesn't require me to work long hours hunched over my computer.”

    Makenzie Chilton

    Coach & Counselor

    ‟There is no more glass ceiling. I don't work for anyone else. I'm the boss, the founder, the CEO. I've never felt more free, I do what nourishes my soul.”

    Melissa Rowe

    Founder of Capture Greatness

    ‟I started a nonprofit and after B-School we’ve hit $3.5m in scholarships (and counting!). We have four Gates millennium scholars. We have students at some of the best universities in the country and I know they can stay because we have scholarship money to pay for it. B-School more than paid for itself.”

    Madeleine Lamou

    Brand Identity Designer

    ‟B-School certainly empowered me and tidied up my mind by giving me a clear vision, a comprehensible structure, actionable steps, and lots of courage.”

    Marie Horvath

    Executive Coach

    ‟I moved from $0 to $600K/year in revenue last year!”

    Mariah Dolan

    Weight Loss Coach

    ‟I did B-School with a newborn, 2, 4 and 6-year-old. Now, I work from home making almost as much as I did as a physical therapist, in half the time. And I’ll easily surpass what I made as a physical therapist within the next 3 years. I control my destiny now.”

    Merel Elishevah Kriegsman

    Conversion Copywriter

    ‟In an industry where other copywriters perhaps make $1,000 or less for an entire website, I just sold a custom website copy project for $25,000.”

    Michelle Cooper

    Accountant, Business Alchemist & Community Igniter

    ‟It has so helped me focus my business, refine my business plan and kick start my inspiration. I was bringing in around $4k per month in December, and am now bringing in over $10k per month. Amazing ROI.”

    Michelle Lisa Anderson

    Love Over Addiction

    ‟B-School changed everything. I’ve made close to $200,000, grown my list to 13,000 subscribers and have an open rate of 45%. I go back to B-School over and over and I know I owe my success to Marie's training.”

    Michelle Long

    Owner & Founder of Bloom Retreat Studio, Spa & Workspace

    ‟Revenue has doubled. I’ve led in-person retreats which brought in $30k each. This wasn't something I even dreamed about before B-School.”

    Michelle Wisdom-Ellis


    ‟B-School was life-changing for my family. I made over $100,000 the year I joined and replaced the income of my husband’s second full-time job.”

    Maya Gaddie

    Tech Strategist & Business Coach

    ‟I got my money’s worth during the first week of B-School and then it just kept getting better.”

    Molly Ola Pinney

    Founder & CEO of Global Autism Project

    ‟We've increased our bottom line by over $100,000. This means a lot of great things for children with autism all over the world.”

    Monica Rivera

    Author + Founder of Rivera Real Estate & Coaching

    ‟I went from living out of a suitcase to reaching 7 figures in revenue.”

    Misty VanderWeele

    Farmer & Florist

    ‟I doubled the revenue for our cut flower farm and expect to reach 6 figures this year. I've also kept my business debt-free, which fills me with great pride. B-School gave me the roadmap to get here.”

    Natassa Pappa

    Designer & Founder of Desired Landscapes Magazine

    ‟When I started, I felt SO overwhelmed. Today I have a crystal clear profit plan. B-School helped me create a business that I love, which ALSO stood resiliently when COVID hit!”

    Narissa Leung

    Founder, Oz Lit Teacher

    ‟I've gone from aspiring to run a single online course to running numerous courses, helping hundreds of teachers, and making my first 6 figures along the way (all while in Covid lockdown).”

    Minami Yusi

    Minami Yusi

    ‟As a Japanese performer on Broadway, I wanted to find a way to give back to my home country, but I had no idea how. I now collaborate with top Japanese universities to teach students how to listen to their hearts and find their own voices.”

    Nadia Colburn

    Align Your Light Coach, Writer, Teacher, Yogi & Activist

    ‟Thanks to B-School I was able to get outside of the box of institutional America and take a year off with my family in Costa Rica.”

    Nicola Wilkes

    House Envy

    ‟We instantly doubled our turnover month-to-month, then we hit January and started tripling. It really worked!”

    Nina Solomatina

    Graduate Admissions Consultant

    ‟I have 12-15 amazing clients per month all while living in Paris, Switzerland and Bali. It’s an incredible freedom.”

    Razia Hamidi

    Muslim Life Coach

    ‟I launched my coaching practice with only an opt-in (not even a sales page) and now I'm making 10k a month.”

    Nathalie Lussier

    Digital Strategist

    ‟Every day I wake up to see that people from all over the world are buying our products, and I go to bed at night knowing that I'm making a difference. This would not have been possible without the training and the positive momentum of B-School.”

    Nikki Innocent

    DEI & Women's Leadership Coach

    ‟In the span of two months I did two TEDx talks and launched a 5-star rated podcast, which now has thousands of listeners. I'm truly leading a life I'm excited to live each day.”

    Nicole Kolenda

    Speech Language Pathologist

    ‟I created my first online class and wrote a book supporting moms of children with special needs. Because of B-School I get more done in a day than others can only dream about.”

    Robin Green

    Pediatric Acupuncturist

    ‟My first launch grossed $60K and total sales are up to $200K. In just 18 months I’ve grown a business that supports us financially and allows my husband to stay home and homeschool our two boys. Plus, I landed a book deal with Hay House! My husband and I have never been happier. So, yeah. I LOVE B-School.”

    Rodrigo Flamenco

    Co-Founder of Frame Freak Studio & Host of the Creative Hustlers Show

    ‟I was able to break free from the horrible situation in my country and go from earning $550/month to reaching 6 figures.”

    Nousha Salimi


    ‟All artists should do B-School. In just 3 weeks I was paid equal to what I made last year in 5 months.”

    Sarah Coxon

    Somatics & Business Coach

    ‟Since finishing B-School, I've made $12,000 in coaching sales."

    Sage B. Hobbs

    Coach, Speaker, and Author of "Naked Communication"

    ‟There literally was no business before B-School. Now I have 1:1 clients, live and online group programs, paid speaking gigs, and wrote my first book.”

    Quelcy Kogel

    Food Stylist, Event Designer & Author

    ‟I wrote my very first cookbook! Because of B-School, I made my dream come true.”

    Rebecca Halls

    Hula Hoop Artist, Professional Dancer & Yoga Teacher

    ‟B-School helped me to take my amazing creative vision and make it into a business..”

    Sarah Swanson

    Founder of Sarah Swanson Skincare

    ‟In one day I had over four hundred orders. I was in Paris on vacation having lunch in the Eiffel Tower drinking a glass of champagne while my business was still working very well.”

    Sarah Selecky

    Best-Selling Author & Creator of Story Is a State of Mind School

    ‟Marie's B-School is not just about making money (although that's necessary to business, and part of it). It’s about how to live and work in a way that gives you more control. It helps you make healthy, intelligent decisions about sales and marketing.”

    Sena Wheeler

    Founder, Sena Sea

    "I joined B-School, built the website, and we had it up and running by the time my husband left for fishing season. Our average sales per email and list size have both increased by 10x."

    Satya Tweena

    Fashion Entrepreneur & Fine Milliner

    ‟The course has provided me with the foundation necessary to build a strong business.”

    Shanti Hodges

    Founder of Hike it Baby

    ‟Hike it Baby wouldn't have gotten as massive without B-School. First, it was just a few moms and now it's thousands! It's incredible. We have 35 active branches and 3 more about to start.”

    Sarah Adler

    Simply Real Health

    ‟Just this past year I released my first cookbook and sold out all 3,000 copies in three months.”

    Susana Cresce

    Business & Mindset Coach for Latino Entrepreneurs

    ‟I made almost $200K the year I enrolled in B-School.”

    Sigrid Olsen

    Fashion Designer & Retreat Leader

    ‟After my $100 million fashion label closed, B-School gave me a reason to get up every morning. Now I host retreats in Tulum, Provence, Tuscany, and California.”

    Sonia Ruyts

    Owner of Stash, A Modern Boutique Yarn Shop

    ‟I went through B-School about 6 months after opening, and sales went through the roof. We had a six-figure year our first full year in business!!!”

    Stacey Aaronson

    The Book Doctor

    ‟I’ve produced and published 55+ books for my authors. The client list on my website is so long now, it’s staggering!”

    Steph Gaudreau

    Strength Coach & Nutrition Practitioner

    ‟Because of B-School, I turned my blog into a business, wrote three books, started a podcast with 2.5 million downloads and created a $200K program.”

    Staci Ann Lowry

    Founder, The Ornament Girl

    ‟Before B-School, I was pretty sure it was impossible to make a full-time income with something like folded fabric Christmas ornaments. After, we reached our first 7 figure year and I have a 10 person team now.”

    Sherold Barr

    Mentor & Business Coach

    ‟I'm in my second six-figure business and can proudly say that Marie showed me what was possible and the importance of being true to yourself and using my gifts and talents.”

    Shane Farmer

    Founder, Dark Horse Rowing & Fitness Mentor

    ‟I've increased my mailing list by a little over 300%. My month-over-month revenue has increased by about 3X. B-School works. It’s made my business thrive, and there's only more to come.”

    Sophia Banfield

    Graphic Designer & Lettering Artist

    ‟Retailers are reaching out to me to stock my stationery line!”

    Questions? Ask Away!

    I’m new and don’t have a business yet — will B-School work for me?

    Yes! We’ve had countless students come into the program with nothing but an idea — or no idea at all — and leave with a profitable new venture. To be clear, building a profitable business isn’t a linear event. Our most successful beginners have taken anywhere from several months to several years to bring their business visions to life. It all depends on how fast you digest the material and move forward. But you’ll never get there unless you get started.

    “I’m thrilled to share that my product is now a reality. I have 20 real life testers about to receive 8 Breakfast Cure bundles, and 2 bonus packets! Now my business is real and my heart is more filled with gratitude with each beat.”


    I have a successful business already. Can B-School still help me?

    Unquestionably yes! We’ve had 6-figure B-Schoolers enroll to take their businesses to a million in revenue and more.

    Even if you’ve studied business for years, following B-School’s market-tested roadmap can save thousands of dollars on “supposed-tos” that don’t actually move the needle, and the months (or years) of trial and error it takes to figure it out on your own. B-School isn’t a business theory, it’s a business blueprint.

    "I had a 500% increase in sales compared to last year. I learned so much more about business in two months of B-School than during six years of business school."


    My industry is unique. How can I be sure B-School will work for my business?

    We have successful grads across 650+ industries in 165 countries and territories.

    From fishing, farming, fashion and flower delivery to clothing retailers, knitting shops, hooping festivals, designers, language instructors, app makers, tech companies, yogis and every flavor of speaker, author, coach and consultant — the rich and diverse creatives in B-School are one of our distinct advantages.

    No matter what you sell — a product, service, or experience — you must understand how to effectively share your message, attract and convert browsers into buyers, and create raving fans who’ll keep coming back for more.

    Regardless of your industry, thriving as an entrepreneur in today’s economy means knowing how to build trust, create meaningful connections, and sell to people online.

    YES, B-School works for…

    Product-Based Businesses

    B-School grads are out there selling flowers, cupcakes, books, apps, clothing, wood-carvings and everything in between. If you sell physical or digital products, B-School can help.

    Service-Based Businesses

    Whether you teach people how to swing dance at their wedding or do financial consulting for Fortune 500 companies, let B-School take your service-based business to the next level.


    Take your brick-and-mortar business online to reach a broader audience, create new revenue streams, and stay relevant in a changing economy.

    Do you have a refund policy?

    Yes. B-School comes with an 100% Action Taker's Money Back Guarantee. This program has the power to profoundly change your life. Don’t love it? Email us before the refund deadline submit your coursework and let us know. We’ll refund you, in full. No gimmicks, no “cancellation fees.”

    When does B-School start?

    The next B-School enrollment period starts July 16! Put your name and email on the waitlist below so you get first dibs when doors open!