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More Than 80,000 Entrepreneurs Have Achieved Time and Financial Freedom with B-School

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“I bought a Mercedes for my husband, a house for my son and land to retire on. I’ll be making over a million a year by the time I’m 43.


“I doubled my income in two years. At 57 I feel in control of my life, my finances and my future.”

Jen S.

‟In five years we generated over $1.2 million. I now have a team of 10. I’ve had so many pinch-me moments since joining B-School.”


“Now I take my kids to school, do what I love and make money I only dreamed about before.”


“I just bought the beach house of my dreams. I think it's finally sinking in: This is no fairy tale, this is my life.


“I was in Paris having lunch at the Eiffel Tower drinking a glass of champagne while my business brought in over 400 orders that day.”


Running a profitable, freedom-based business will change your life forever.

After 22+ profitable years in business and millions of lives touched, I can honestly say that building a heart-centered business is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding adventures you can experience in this lifetime.

I’ve helped nearly 80,000 entrepreneurs like you create success by following a proven system — including countless from-scratch millionaires, A-list Hollywood actors, bestselling authors, yoga teachers, coaches, store owners, app makers, rafting guides, real estate moguls, major league baseball teams… and some of the biggest, most popular influencers online today.


‟In the three years since I’ve taken B-School, I have transformed my little home-based business from a struggling flower farm into a globally recognized brand.”

‟Applying what I learned in the course, I was able to grow a 25,000 person mailing list, increase our earnings exponentially, sell out 26 workshops, land a book deal, launch a product line, get our business featured in dozens of magazines, land our own Magnolia Network show, and bring my husband home from his 9-5. B-School not only helped me transform my business, it also completely changed my life.”


‟When I first started B-School, I was a full-time mom with no income, no home, no furniture...

Now our content reaches 1 million people in Mongolia and I buy everything with my own money. This is huge — the Mongolian population is only 3 million!”

Get On The Fast Track To Success

Whether you’re just starting out or taking an existing company to new heights,
B-School is designed to bring you:

🌈 Freedom

Live where you want, take on clients you want, charge what you want, go where you want.

💸 Prosperity

A dream business can set you up for a life of financial freedom, in any economy.

🤸 Happiness

No more dreading work or living for the weekend. Love what you do, every day.

Summer Fast Track Experience

B-School is the gold standard training program for values-driven creatives who want to build a meaningful, profitable business.

And yes, the B stands for business — though some of our students argue it stands for Bold, Brave, and Big-Hearted. (Or beyond wealthy!)

Yes, I want to be a B-Schooler!

Let Us Save You Years of
Expensive Trial and Error

B-School gives you the exact plan to start and scale your business — so you can confidently ignore “shiny objects” that drain your life.


How to Maximize Your Profits, Guaranteed!

In This Module You'll Learn:
  • How to make the most money so you never waste time on unprofitable revenue streams.

  • 23 questions that reveal exactly what your customers most want to buy so your profits are virtually guaranteed.

  • ​​2 crucial decisions you MUST make today before you do anything else in your business.

  • Why “define your target market” can actually be BAD advice — and what to focus on instead to trigger a flood of sales and raving fans.

  • ​A bulletproof formula to leave your competition in the dust — without ever dropping your price.

"I've literally gone from food stamps to CEO of a multiple 6-figure company. I'm the happiest I've ever been!"


Co-Founder, Simple Green Smoothies


Create Irresistible Offers That Unleash a Flood of Sales

In This Module You'll Learn:
  • How to turn your passion into an actual high-profit, money-printing machine.

  • A simple, no-fail formula to identify the exact products and services your customers will be begging to buy.

  • My top secret strategy to turn visitors into raving fans who’ll buy anything you sell — it’s literally “goof proof!"

  • 3 secret factors that control how much you can charge. (They’re not what you think!).

  • ​​The shocking business decision that literally 10Xed my growth. (Plus, the simple tool that can create the same explosive results in your business.)

“My business started with no revenue and one year later I was making nearly $15,000 a month. Now, I'm able to work from home and control my own schedule which is particularly valuable since I have a 5 month old and an 8 year old.”


Founder, TRFC
California, USA & Playa Del Carmen, Mexico


Make Sales In Your Sleep: Modern Marketing Secrets of the Pros

In This Module You'll Learn:
  • ​How to write words that can spark a crowd to whip out their credit cards and click “Buy Now.”

  • “Advanced” psychological strategies millionaires use that will help you sell WAY more — by only changing a few words.

  • ​​The sneaky customer habit that will ruin your business if left unchecked — and how to fix it in 5 minutes flat.

  • ​4 simple pricing tricks you can use TODAY that will increase sales by tomorrow.

  • ​How to leave the sleaze of online marketing behind and learn to create a tsunami of sales, without the ick.

“Well hot DANG! My company just had its first MILLION dollar year!! B-School gave me such a big leg up, it's hard to even find the words."


Business Coach


Your Ultimate Sales-Generating Content Marketing Playbook

In This Module You'll Learn:
  • How to be loved by millions without being an “influencer” or having your phone surgically attached to your face.

  • ​The trick to using ONE piece of content you probably already have lying around to unleash a relentless torrent of sales.

  • ​How to escape the panic and dread of nonstop content creation. Here’s how the pros manage to be everywhere and stay relevant for years. (Nope, it’s not AI).

  • ​​The 5-letter formula that generates a year’s worth of fresh, original content ideas in one sitting! Never again will you write, “Sorry I haven’t emailed in a while.”

  • ​Our secret framework for money-making emails. Ignore this and you’re burning through cash.

‟Before B-School I was scraping to make $3-4K per month. Last year we made over $350,000!"


Founder of Sanskar Teaching


Catapult Your Traffic & Audience Growth — Without Burning Cash on Ads

In This Module You'll Learn:
  • How to make life-changing profits from even the smallest list. (We’re talking mere dozens, people!)

  • ​The easy way to connect with major influencers and A-listers to leapfrog your way to the top — yes, even if you’re a “nobody.”

  • How to access an untapped well of eager buyers that NONE of your competitors are talking to.

  • The simple way to grow your list at hyper-speed using the 7 BEST list-building strategies from my private vault.

  • ​Two key strategies to get MASSIVE spikes in traffic without spamming all your friends and trying to “go viral” on TikTok.

‟In the first three months I made $75,000 in revenue and $30,000 in sponsorships. I got a country house and now work only 2 days a week.”


Founder, Pink Olive
New York


How to Make Your Website a Non-Stop Conversion Machine — No Tech or Design Experience Needed!

In This Module You'll Learn:
  • ​How to never again be HELD HOSTAGE by slow, high-priced developers — now you’ll hold the “keys to the kingdom” and understand how it all works, too.

  • An easy way to turn your website into your #1 salesperson who pulls in cash on autopilot — and never calls in sick.

  • ​How to stop hemorrhaging leads and sales with a few simple tweaks that can 10-20X conversions — literally overnight!

  • The secret to eradicating the popular “Silent Killer” website features that are actively sabotaging your financial freedom.

  • How to save $25,000 (minimum) by avoiding the devastating website mistakes that plague most business owners.

"After B-School I had my first £100,000 week and have since had a couple of £100,000 days. Before, I was floundering and rudderless. Now I have a blueprint to follow and I'm more productive and effective than ever."


Accountant & Online Cashbook
United Kingdom

‟B-School was an extraordinary experience. It’s the most perfect blueprint for launching a career that is completely unique.”


Award-Winning Actor and Director
California, USA


Keep Your Momentum Long After B-School With These 14 Advanced Bonuses

Start The Right Business

Struggling to figure out which business to start? Maybe you have too many ideas to choose from or aren’t sure your idea will work. If you’re drowning in confusion, this program will help you find clarity so you can finally start the right business for you.

VALUE: $999
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

"This has been LIFE-CHANGING! Seriously, I missed ALL of this when I started out and am oh-so-grateful to be getting it now! I found it to be EXTREMELY valuable, even though I’ve been in business for 15 years.”


The Follow-Through Formula

Stop the madness of a dozen half-finished projects. With the help of The Follow-Through Formula you’ll learn the exact strategies to get more done than you ever thought possible. Get instant access to this productivity course as soon as you register.

VALUE: $499
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

“HANDS DOWN the most helpful productivity course I have EVER taken. I feel like I have more planned in the last 15 minutes than I have in the last 6 months.”


Getting Started With WordPress, Squarespace & Shopify

Take back control of your website once and for all. These comprehensive nuts-and-bolts trainings will walk you through how to set up your own professional, easy-to-update website. We’ve hand-selected the 3 most popular platforms so you can choose the perfect software for your business.

VALUE: $846
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

“Thank you so much for this training. After months of trying to figure out Squarespace I’m proud to say I launched my website today in 30 minutes. And I just got two clients! I’m freaking out!”


Smart Marketing For Product-Based Businesses

While our marketing strategies apply to all businesses, selling physical goods has some unique challenges. Throughout B-School, you’ll get specific Fun Sheets (growth assignments), for product-based business owners.

VALUE: $799
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

All About Opt-Ins

Opt-in forms can feel like a tech mystery. How do you get the form to show up on your website? Once someone opts in, how do they actually receive that PDF download or video you promised? Learn the ins and outs of opt-ins and how they function in this easy-to-digest technical training.

VALUE: $299
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

PR Strategies To Make You A Business Celebrity


Getting blogs, magazines, and TV shows to highlight your business can create an avalanche of sales. Learn 5 things you must have before pitching a media outlet, get the ultimate “cheat sheet” to finding media dying to interview you, and learn how to deliver interviews that will have the media drooling over your every word.

VALUE: $299
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

How To Grow From Six to Seven Figures

Do you dream of running a $1 million+ business? Making an exponential leap in revenue requires new beliefs and habits. In this closed-door training, I share some of the key psychological and behavioral changes I had to make to lead my company to new heights.

VALUE: $299
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

SEO Basics: Optimize Your Site For Search

Learn how to make sure your website can be found on Google with these simple and effective SEO strategies. Set up your sitemap, research relevant keywords, and understand how to use meta and title tags. This step-by-step tutorial will set the foundation to make your website SEO smart from the start.

VALUE: $299
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

How To Get Fantastic Testimonials

Customers want to see real success stories before they buy. Do you have amazing testimonials to reassure them? Learn a proven, step-by-step system to get incredible testimonials — no matter what you sell.

VALUE: $299
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

How to Make Standard Operating Procedures For Your Business

Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are the step-by-step instructions for everything that needs to happen in your business. In this training, you’ll learn exactly how to streamline your systems — with checklists! — so you can get work off your plate and focus on the big picture.

VALUE: $299
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

5 Money Mistakes That Keep Entrepreneurs From Creating Wealth

Don’t let your fears about money hold you back. Even if you don’t believe in an “abundance mindset,” your beliefs about money will impact your behaviors and, ultimately, your bank account. Learn five timeless principles that will help you create healthier financial habits — both in your business and your life.

VALUE: $299
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

Tactical Tips For Public Speaking, Videos, Media Interviews & More

Whether you want to turn public speaking into a career, start a YouTube channel, or just speak more confidently during interviews, this training will help you communicate your message powerfully, while bringing out the best in YOU.

VALUE: $299
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

From Burnout to Burning Passion: How to Re-Energize and Refocus When You’re Feeling Spent

Building your dream business takes hard work, but it doesn’t have to burn you out. Learn how to slash your to do list, reframe your obligations, and create a personal vision of success so you stay energized by your business long-term.

VALUE: $299
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

Strategies for Unstoppable Success


Learn how to redefine success on your terms and create a clear vision for your future — from your business to your relationships to your finances. You’ll also learn how to drop excuses that hold you back and discover how you can become an unstoppable force for good.

VALUE: $299
  • FREE — Included with B-School!

Yup, You’re Getting Over $6,133 In Advanced Training. Because We Love You 💖

We’re with you the whole way.

When you enroll in B-School, you’ll also get to work with and learn directly from our Business Mentor Coaches and Masterclass teachers. These are professional entrepreneurs with expertise in website design and development, copywriting, e-commerce, product launches, business growth and development, podcasting and so much more.

Join group Office Hours every Thursday for the duration of the live program.

These professional coaches will provide guidance and coaching throughout the live program, answer common questions about the course material, and help you stay focused on growth.

Everything Is Online. Learn At Your Own Pace.

B-School is based 100% online so you can participate anywhere, anytime, in sweatpants or a 3-piece-suit.

Go through the material each week as it’s released, or slow things down and work on your own schedule.

Action Taker's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This program has the power to profoundly change your life. Don’t love it? Email us before 5pm Eastern U.S. on August 11, 2024 to submit your coursework and let us know. We’ll refund you, in full. No gimmicks, no “cancellation fees.”

Note: Refund eligibility has a firm deadline and applies to payment plans.
After August 11th, you'll be responsible for all payments.

Let’s Sum It Up, Boss 😜


B-School: Your Step-by-Step Blueprint to Success

This legendary core training — updated for 2024 — gives you the proven, timeless skills you need to start and scale your profitable business.

($15,000 VALUE)

Laser Group Coaching With Marie

Buckle up for live access to Marie during Office Hours. Her razor sharp, Q&A throw-downs are legendary.


Copy-and-Paste Swipe Files, Resources & Templates

Don’t waste time and money hiring business consultants or marketing agencies. These done-for-you resources will help you turn a profit, fast.

($3,000 VALUE)

Breakthrough Business Coaching

Get professional guidance from my trusted team of coaches — all successful business owners themselves — to move past stuck points, get feedback, and create results.

($9,000 VALUE)

Beyond B-School: Advanced Trainings & Masterclasses

Rest easy knowing you’re getting 14 advanced trainings that’ll keep your momentum going and supercharge your financial success.

($6,133 VALUE)
TOTAL B-School VALUE $33,133

Total B-School Investment Only $2,499

They did it. So can you.

300+ Verified Reviews

Atoya Bass

Founder, The Curly Hair Studio

‟I went from poverty-level income to six figures. I went from begging for clients to having a six-month waitlist.”

Emily Fletcher

Founder, Ziva Meditation

‟I I took B-School and now have a multiple seven-figure business. I'm the founder of a company called Ziva Meditation, the world's first online meditation training, which I'm really proud of. It was before Oprah, before Chopra, and before Headspace. If you're thinking about investing in B-School, the return on investment will be exponential.”

Erin Benzakein

Owner of Floret Flower Farm

‟In the three years since I’ve taken B-School, I have transformed my little home-based business from a struggling flower farm into a globally recognized brand.”

Leah Emmott

Founder & CEO, Inner Fire Apparel

‟My business has grown from $50,000 per year to $2 million per year in revenue in 4 short years!”

Mayi Carles de Larrinaga

Artist & Best Selling Author

‟I tripled my mailing list, quadrupled my piggy bank, and helped angel invest the beach house hubby and I had always dreamed of. I think it's finally beginning to sink in: This is really happening. This is no fairy tale, this is my life.”

Molly Goodall

Little Goodall, Modern Heirloom Clothing for Children

‟We finished April 2020 with sales higher than in 2018 and 2019.”

Tiffany Rothe

Founder, TRFC

‟My business started with no revenue and one year later I was making nearly $15,000 a month. Now, I’m able to work from home and control my own schedule which is particularly valuable since I have a 5-month-old and an 8-year-old.”

Adrienne Patterson

Speech-Language Pathologist & Sign Language Instructor

‟Within nine months of launching my online business, I surpassed my monthly income as a Speech-Language Pathologist.”

Adda Birnir

CEO Skillcrush

‟B-School changed my life. My business had never made more than $5k a month, but the first month I implemented the practices of B-School it jumped to $15k. Now I regularly do 10x that a month.”

Adrian Brambila

Professional Dancer & Marketer

‟Now, when we launch something I’m hearing my phone go ka-ching, ka-ching. My wife is now the CFO of the agency. We just booked a trip to Hawaii next month and we're trying to travel as much as we can before we have kids. I learned my foundation of how to do everything from B-School.”

Alexis Bonavitacola


‟I feel like I received an MBA. I went from a few hundred on my interest list to 1,100 in a few months.”

Akshay Nanavati

Founder & Author of Fearvana

‟As a writer, B-School was a game changer. I wrote a book that was endorsed by his holiness the Dalai Lama. It has sold thousands of copies in 40 countries. I used B-School for both the process of writing the book and then turning that book into a scalable, sustainable business that I love and that’s making an impact.”

Alexander Smith

Mindfulness & Spiritual Coach

‟If someone were to ask me about B-School, I would say, 'don't think twice. Get online. Sign up and hold on. Keep your hands and arms in at all times. This is going to be one hell of a ride.'”

Amy K. Wright

Photographer & Founder of “Tell It Well” Greeting Cards

‟In the past year, I have become a vendor for Whole Foods Market and have sold over $30,000 in greeting cards.”

Andreea Ayers

Founder, Launch Grow Joy

‟I had a $50,000 launch because of what I learned in B-School.”

Anna Long-Stokes

Business Coach, Founder & Former CEO of Clean Beauty Cult

"My company just had its first $1 MILLION dollar year!!"

Amanda Greenthumb

Certified Health Coach

‟During B-School I doubled my mailing list in 2 months. I changed my program offerings to focus on group coaching instead of private, and made make 400% more money doing it. I thank myself everyday for saying yes to B-School.”

Alionka Polanco

Life + Success Coach

‟The year I started B-School I was working 7 part-time jobs and made $13,000. The next year, I made $43,000 in my business. I quit all of my part-time jobs and now coach full-time. I really feel like a business owner and am working to triple my business again this year with the help of B-School.”

Amy Leila Skrocki

Interdisciplinary Artist

‟My husband quit his day job to work full time with me. We doubled our annual income and can now fully pay the bills with what we sell.”

Amreta Sidik


‟Within a year, I landed my dream job. I’ve never been this satisfied at work.”

April Demarco

Fine Artist & Jewelry Designer

‟I’m living a dream. I have two studios—one for painting and one for jewelry—plus an office in Cold Spring. Now I am on a list of The Best of Westchester. OMG!”

Annie Wright


‟In my first year, I grossed over $100,000 as a therapist intern. I can’t tell you how unusual this is!”

Avital-Schreiber Levy

Mindful Parenting Coach

"Every single year since B-School, my business has doubled in size and revenue. We're in the multiple six figures and our mailing list has grown to over 50,000 people.”

Anne-Michelle Frances

Co-Owner, Ohana Board Shop

‟We were profitable from the moment we opened our doors. We have already beat every projection that we had!”

Anne Marie Miller

Founder, Indigenous Celebration

‟Even with my MBA, I found so much value in taking B-School. There’s just no other program that can take you from ground zero to a thriving entrepreneur. We’re attracting board members and donors I had only dreamed of working with!”

April Bowles

Founder of Blacksburg Belle

‟My first launch brought in over $20,000. If you put in the work, the potential outcomes are limitless.”

Anna Suomi

Author & Healer

‟I had a 500% increase in sales compared to last year.”

Brenda Lavell

Phydeaux Designs & Fiber

‟B-School changed my life. My first holiday season, I quadrupled the previous quarter's gross revenue. Then I had my first 6-figure year.”

Barb O-Neill, ED.D.

Certified Early Childhood & Special Ed Teacher

‟It's my second year in business and I'm proud to report that I'm $5,000 away from my $120K annual revenue goal.”

Brett Blumenthal

Artist and Author

‟I learned more practical, hands-on tools than when I received my MBA.”

Brooke Summer


‟The investment was well worth it, several times over. My revenue has more than doubled every single year since B-School. This is my first year with six figure revenue. My family and I travel consistently, and I have the flexibility to make my own schedule.”

Ariana Carvalho Tavares

Architect & Artist

‟I’m now balancing a full-time job with my art, and it’s because of B-School that I can focus on both.”


Nutritionist, Coach & Author

‟When I first started B-School, I was a full-time mom with no income, no home, no furniture. Now our content reaches 1 million people in Mongolia and I buy everything with my own money. This is huge — the Mongolian population is only 3 million!”

Cailen Ascher

Business + Lifestyle Coach

‟Since B-School my income has continued to increase and I now have a 6-figure coaching business working just 3 days a week. I have 4-day weekends with my husband and daughters — it’s priceless!”

Bryce Dallas Howard

Actress, Jurassic World

‟B-School was an extraordinary experience. It’s the most perfect blueprint for launching a career that is completely unique.”

Callie Gisler

PR & Communications

‟My website is finished, my LLC paperwork is filed, my business bank account is open, and I'm on track to open my strategic communications and copywriting agency. Marie Forleo and team, you were the catalysts for getting my ass in gear after seven long years of dreaming the entrepreneurial dream.”

Bryce Eldrige

Creative Director & Marketer, Knowledge House

‟We've seen a 30% increase year over year and we're on track to hit half a million in revenue.”

Carla D'Angelo

President & Founder, Claudia Alan Inc.

"Our sales are up 104% over last year and we have customers across North America.”

Bridget Morris

Owner of Bella Forte Bookbinding & Letterpress

‟Today my business is in the 6 figures with goals of growing to a 7-figure business within the next 4 years.”

Camille Peyssard


‟B-School was exactly what I needed. Within two months, I had 50 new clients. I’m now fully embracing my identity as an entrepreneur!”

Carla Holden

Courage & Confidence Coach

‟I’ve gotten sober, been featured on a podcast, blogged for HuffPo and held 7 workshops.”

Cathy Sykora

Founder of The Health Coach Group

‟B-School is one of the most valuable investments I ever made. I made my money back by the 2nd week. Life doesn’t get much better than this.”

Celestine Fabros

Website & Identity Design

‟I've closed more projects in Q1 than I did my entire previous year and I've already surpassed my entire income from last year. In one email I closed 5k without finding new clients. I'm so happy with my life and business I could literally cry.”

Charlotte Smith

Owner of Champoeg Creamery

‟My gross sales have continued to rise. I've expanded our farm from 5 to 75 acres and we have the income to buy (pretty much) anything we want.”

Chris Thompson

Leadership Coach

‟I'm making 6 figures and am as busy as I want to be right now. B-School is easily one of the best investments I've made in myself since leaving corporate life.”

Carmen Narancsik

Co-Founder, Glacier Raft Company

‟I didn't think of myself as an entrepreneur, but now I'm running a 7-figure rafting business that's only open four months out of the year.”

Caroline Mikolajczyk

Caroline Macaron Shoes

‟I’ve tripled my mailing list! B-School gave me the confidence to reach the next level.”

Char Leonard

Author, Speaker, Radio Host

‟On my 63rd birthday, my book became a bestseller.”

Cindy Childress

The Expert's Ghostwriter & Author

‟I have a 6-figure business with an office overlooking downtown. Last year I started a scholarship to give another entrepreneur a leg up.”

Christine Matheson ND

Naturopathic Doctor, Arvigo®Practitioner & Yoga Instructor

‟My practice started getting busier and my income increased 30%. Even my patients started getting results faster.”

Christine Elder

Environmental Educator, Biological Illustrator & Founder of the Nature Sketching Challenge

‟I went from driving a horse and buggy to driving a sports car!”

Chloe Moore

Founder, NEXT Memphis

‟Recently I was named a Forbes 30 Under 30 for my work in Education. This comes after receiving an international fellowship with the Salzburg Global Seminar. All in a year. The year of B-School!”

Carina Lawson

Founder, Ponderlily Eco-Friendly Planners

"I managed to find 15-minute pockets of time between feeding my twin girls and built an entire business that way."

Christie Pollack

Christie’s Gardens & Greenhouses

‟We're on the cover of Agri-Success Magazine, which is distributed to Farm Credit Canada clients across Canada! This is a huge deal for a little greenhouse like ours! This course is why it happened."

Christine Conforti

Lifestyle Coach

‟I just signed my first $18,000 client. I've been able to move to a new beach around the world every six months.”

Clare Bresnahan English

Executive Director, She Should Run

‟We have an over 2,000% increase in our membership.”

Danielle Diamond

Xen Strength Yoga

‟I produced and launched my own yoga DVD, an online teacher training, and a 28-day wellness program. I tripled my list and grew my business to over 6 figures.”

Crista Cloutier

The Working Artist

‟I did B-School like I was studying for the bar. And it worked! I've now helped hundreds of artists and photographers around the world.”

Cody Montarbo

Skin Expert

‟B-School not only helped me double my sales in hitting six figures, but now this year, I am up 40%.”

Daisy De Boevere

Business Coach

‟My entire life is different now. I CREATED A BOOK PROPOSAL, Y’ALL! I WROTE A MANUSCRIPT!”

Daniela Shefi

Natural Healer

‟Today I have 5 people working for me and I am completely financially independent.”

Cyrissa Carlson

Photographer & Business Coach

‟As a result of our success, I’m financially liberated and have the ability to take a six-week sabbatical to be fully present with my husband and kids! The reality of this literally moves me to tears, as I am so overwhelmed with gratitude.”

Denise Duffield-Thomas

Money Mindset Mentor Coach & Best-Selling Author

‟I’ve gone from 5 people in a workshop to over $5 million in revenue.”

Dave Conrey


‟What I learned through B-School is that I'm worthy of more, I have the skills to be awesome at something and can share those skills with the world.”

Deepshikha Sairam

Lead Generation Expert

‟My husband used to give me pocket money. Now my business makes $15 - 20K per month.”

Dayna House

Instructional Strategist

‟I worked about 3 hours today and made $10,000. B-School was by far the best decision I've made in my career to date.”

Danielle Morgan

Artist & Illustrator

‟I reach customers in America and in Australia. 40% of my customer base is outside of Northern Ireland. I can only do that digitally.”

Daria Zest

Business Mentor for Female Coaches

"Before I was sitting on my bathroom floor selling $27 coaching sessions, now I'm about to hit seven figures before I turn 30.”

Demetria Clark

Founder of Heart of Herbs Herbal School and Birth Arts International

‟I bought a Mercedes for my husband, a house for my son and land to retire on. I’ll be making over a million a year by the time I’m 43.”

Dingding Hu

Artist & Illustrator

‟Thanks to B-School, I have clients who pay me for my art, without having to sit in an office Monday to Friday.”

Divya Marie Kato

Artist, Entrepreneur & Founder of When In Doubt, Draw

‟I doubled my whole yearly net income in the first six months of the year (an increase of 139%) and built up my mailing list by 254%.”

Dorothee-Struck, M.D., PHD

Gynecologist & Obstetrician and Doctor for Natural Medicine

‟I Increased my patient numbers from 1,700 to 4,000, and reached the half-million mark in revenue.”

Diane Rooney

Digital Artist, Illustrator & Pattern Designer

‟I now have a life I look forward to. I had no idea how much B-School would change my life completely.”

Dr. Marissa Heisel

dōTERRA Blue Diamond Leader

‟Within four years of starting my business, I've grown to a level that only 2% of my company will ever achieve. I've helped bring holistic health care into 8,000+ homes. I'm earning a solid six-figure income each month, and it's growing.”

Dr. Cheryl Fraser

Buddhist Sex Therapist & Couples Psychologist

‟Biggest win? Landing a publishing deal. Most meaningful win? I’m now HAPPY with my business and work.”

Eli Dagostino

Product Designer

‟Before B-School, I was teetering on the edge of a cliff financially. After B-School, after your tools, after unlocking the vault, I’ve been published by Vanity Fair, in Vogue Italian, and People Magazine and I'm hosting an art opening for Scholastic at the MET next month. I wake up every day in awe of how much money comes in.”

Elizabeth Mcdonnell


‟I no longer work at a job that sucked the life out of me. I am an artist, selling paintings and prints and note cards to inspire people's lives.”

Emily Richett

Publicist, On-Air Host, PR Coach for Entrepreneurs

‟I'm thrilled to report that I can directly link $37,000 in sales this year alone to B-School and that figure continues to climb.”

Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley

Writer, Multimedia Storyteller & Social Media Strategist

‟I charge premium rates starting from $250 and up to $10,000. I've been featured on podcasts and blogs like Tiny Buddha. This business didn't even exist before B-School!”

Emily Williams

Success & Money Coach

"I’ve made over $970k this year alone!"

Emilia Farrace

Website Strategist, Designer & Project Manager

‟My revenue has increased 75% since joining B-School and 25% year-over-year... well into six figures. I’ve semi-retired my fiancé and purchased our first home based on where we want to live and not where we HAVE to!”

Elizabeth Allen

Acupuncturist & Herbalist

‟Because of B-School, my first full year in practice I grossed just over six figures.”

Elisabeth Griffioen

Online Video Teacher & Mentor

‟I’ve been able to grow from zero clients to 6 figures in revenue in four years, only working while my son is asleep or in daycare.”

Elizabeth Milovidov

Digital Parenting Coach & Consultant

‟I advise individuals, organizations, and governments - including becoming an independent expert for the Council of Europe."

Erin Brule

The Milky Way - A Photographer’s Resource

‟I love that my daughter is seeing that we are creating our own terms and following our own dreams. As a mother that's an incredible gift to offer your child.”

Gahrey Ovalle

Coach, Mentor & Activist

‟Join. Join. Join. You will benefit no matter your level or where you are on your journey. Join quickly. Join now. Join knowing that this will be one of the best decisions you have made for your business present and future.”

Gabriela Blandy

Creative Writing Coach

‟I made nearly 30K last year after taking B-School, which was 10 times what I made the previous year."

Farideh Ceaser

Musician & Launch Strategist

‟I was able to pay off $30,000 of debt incurred as a touring musician. I am now debt-free and have a substantial savings plan. I no longer believe in “starving artists." I am a prospering artist.”

Francesca Hogi

Love Expert

‟I was discovered by a Today Show producer, which led to 12 appearances on the show.”

Eva Lisle

Executive Director at BNI Central Valley

‟Because of YOU, another 500+ businesses in Northern California are STILL HERE!!!”

Gina Senarighi

Therapist, Coach & Consultant

‟In six months I had a waitlist, a full practice, and money saved to leave my stinking day job. I quit and have had a full and fulfilling practice ever since.”

Genevieve Le Hunt

Founder & Director of Bake Mixes

‟My range of baking mixes is now available in over 350 stores around Australia and I turned over almost $150,000.”

Hillary Rubin

Spiritual Life and Business Coach

‟I've doubled my income and have hit 6 figures since I started the program. I’ve created a shop with info-products that sell when I'm sleeping and playing with my son - it's a dream come true.”

Greta Rose Zagarino

Greta Rose Agency

‟I took B-School in 2014. I've made over $1 million since.”

Helene Sula

Travel Blogger

‟I am so grateful to Marie and the program. Now, my membership site is the largest part of my online business and growth as a blogger.”

Grace Kang

Founder, Pink Olive

‟In the first three months I made $75,000 in revenue and $30,000 in sponsorships. I got a country house and now work only 2 days a week.”

Hilary Rushford

Dean Street Society

‟I’m 2.5 years into my business and I've been in a national magazine, styled shoots in Nantucket and the Hamptons and I wrote my first book. I’ve spent 3-4 months working from Santa Barbara, California and London, England. When I say it out loud I honestly don't believe it's real.”

Jackie Fenton

Bright Heart Yoga Studio

‟Every year since B-School, our studio membership has almost doubled - and it's still freaking growing.”

Jackie Harris

Brightspark Marketing

‟B-School helped me see that I don’t have to be invisible anymore. I can be somebody.”

Iqra Mehrin Azhar

Slay Collective: The Digital Marketing Agency & Empowerment Firm for Muslim Women by Muslim Women

‟I built a community of 3,000 Muslim women entrepreneurs and changemakers around the world.”

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Trusted by Respected Leaders

“She’s the thought leader for the next generation.”


“Marie Forleo — always the first to jump in and champion other women — is an inspiration to me.”

— abby wambach

“Marie breaks down complex problems so they are easy to solve.”

— daymond john
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What Sets B-School Apart


Proven Track Record

14 years and 80,000 students from 650+ industries worldwide. There’s a reason we’ve launched more successful 6-, 7- and 8-figure businesses than any other online training program.


Smart, Tactical Feedback

In B-School, we’ve got your back. Get expert, personalized support to make smart decisions and hit your biggest business goals, faster than ever.


Learn From The G.O.A.T.🐐 Herself

Learn from the legend who trains all the coaches. Marie is the go-to expert for modern marketing. Don't settle for less, learn from the best and become a marketing master today.


100% Money Back Guarantee

Enjoy total peace of mind. With our Action Taker’s guarantee, you literally have nothing to lose, and a whole new life of financial freedom to gain.

B-School is right for you if you...

  • Identify as a “self-starter.” You know you can do this, you just need the guidance and tools to get there.

  • ​Want a distraction-free environment that prioritizes action and results.

  • ​Are an independent learner who doesn’t need a lot of hand-holding to get things done.

  • Trust yourself to experiment and learn by doing.

  • ​Know in your bones that everything is figureoutable.

  • ​Are ready to take control of your finances, your schedule, and your future.

  • ​Believe that focus, discipline, and hard work are the keys to business success.

B-School is NOT right if you...

  • Prefer 1:1 coaching.

  • ​Want advice on legal, tax structures, raising VC funding, manufacturing, or distribution (we intentionally do not cover these topics).

  • ​Are looking for a “plug and play” system to make money online. Our program requires creativity, risk, discernment, and hard work over time.

  • ​Let small decisions keep you stuck rather than dive in, get messy, and do the work.


I’m new and don’t have a business yet — will B-School work for me?

Yes! We’ve had countless students come into the program with nothing but an idea — or no idea at all — and leave with a profitable new venture. To be clear, building a profitable business isn’t a 4-week, linear event. Our most successful beginners have taken anywhere from several months to several years to bring their business visions to life. It all depends on how fast you digest the material and move forward. But you’ll never get there unless you get started.

"Since B-School, I’ve gone from 5 people in a workshop to over $5 MILLION in revenue."


Verified Purchase

I have a successful business already. Can B-School still help me?

Unquestionably yes! We’ve had 6-figure B-Schoolers enroll to take their businesses to a million in revenue and more.

Even if you’ve studied business for years, following B-School’s market-tested roadmap can save thousands of dollars on “supposed-tos” that don’t actually move the needle, and the months (or years) of trial and error it takes to figure it out on your own. B-School isn’t a business theory, it’s a business blueprint.

"I had a 500% increase in sales compared to last year. I learned so much more about business in two months of B-School than during six years of business school."


Verified Purchase

My industry is unique. How can I be sure B-School will work for my business?

We have successful grads across 650+ industries in 165 countries and territories.

From fishing, farming, fashion and flower delivery to clothing retailers, knitting shops, hooping festivals, designers, language instructors, app makers, tech companies, yogis and every flavor of speaker, author, coach and consultant — the rich and diverse creatives in B-School are one of our distinct advantages.

No matter what you sell — a product, service, or experience — you must understand how to effectively share your message, attract and convert browsers into buyers, and create raving fans who’ll keep coming back for more.

Regardless of your industry, thriving as an entrepreneur in today’s economy means knowing how to build trust, create meaningful connections, and sell to people online.

YES, B-School works for…

Product-Based Businesses

B-School grads are out there selling flowers, cupcakes, books, apps, clothing, wood-carvings and everything in between. If you sell physical or digital products, B-School can help.

Service-Based Businesses

Whether you teach people how to swing dance at their wedding or do financial consulting for Fortune 500 companies, let B-School take your service-based business to the next level.


Take your brick-and-mortar business online to reach a broader audience, create new revenue streams, and stay relevant in a changing economy.

When does B-School begin?

The live B-School program is 4 weeks and runs from Monday, July 29th through Friday, August 23rd, 2024. Remember — when you enroll today, you get instant access to two Bonus Training Programs (so you can get a head start before Module 1 drops!). After the live program, the entire B-School library of training materials will be yours for life.

I’m booked to travel during B-School. Will I miss out?

You won’t miss out on a thing! All your training exists inside your private member area. All the live Office Hour sessions are recorded, too. So you can go back and revisit the material as often as you like.

Will I speak with or get feedback directly from Marie?

You very well may, and, we can’t promise that. Marie delivers her best advice and strategies, from over 22 years of experience in the trainings. Remember, this is not a one-on-one coaching program. It’s a powerful group learning experience, so in addition to the trainings, you’ll get additional support from our B-School Mentor Coaches within the scheduled live working sessions.

If You’ve Read This Far...

You owe it to yourself to honestly answer these questions:

What if just one idea in B-School…

turns your business into a profit and purpose-generating machine, giving you and your family financial freedom for life?

What if just one strategy in B-School…

helps you reach hundreds, thousands, or even millions of customers?

What if just one technique in B-School…

frees up 4-7 more productive hours per week? What impact will that have on your relationships, your profits, your joy?

What would those changes realistically be worth to you over a lifetime?
$5,000, $20,000, $50,000, or more?

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Start making the difference you were born to make.

Have Additional Questions?

Get answers to make the best choice for you.